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One of our biggest goals is understanding today’s travelers and offering them exactly what they want. The market is rapidly evolving and modern traveler’s needs and wishes are more diverse than ever, but if you put aside the needs and requests that are specific to the traveller’s personality, what he really wants is a home-away-from-home feeling and true local experiences. Over the years we’ve learned that Visit Naija offers numerous possibilities for different types of vacations and that we can cater to a wide range of travellers personalities.
All the requests we got over the years have been met and somewhat exceeded, and now we feel it’s time to expand the possibilities even further. Therefore, we are actively on the look for new and exciting accommodation units and activities for our guests. If you are a rental owner and think that your property is more than just walls with nice furniture, or you created a tour/activity that you think is really worth experiencing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Know the facts. Only 3-4% of total revenues are generated by resellers like Visit Naija. They will likely not have a significant impact on your business other than incremental income. So you can make extra income by Partnering with us!.

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Grow a large scale network of Investors and partners, don’t forget our API is at your full disposal in the API section.

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Growing your network means you will be communicating with international agents so your language will come to play.

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