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EKO Art & Liesure Tour

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Your first stop is National arts theater at 9am. The structure of the building is tastefully made like the hat of a military hat because it was built during the military era in Nigeria. In a section of this building lies the collection of National gallery of modern Nigerian art. It has a 5000 seater main hall and two cinema halls too. At the theatre, you can watch a play performance, take pictures, watch a movie or even take an educative exhibition to new arts. One of infrastructural masterpieces in Nigeria, the building is the official performance center for Nigerian arts and culture. After enjoying a play or an exhibition at the theatre, you can head to the restaurant or the bar to enjoy a great meal while washing down with a drink or a beer as you wish. The surrounding of the theatre is also a great place to relax with its nice lush grasses where occasions hold too.

You can then go to the national museum where art and culture is on display to visitors. The museum is on the island part of the state in ikoyi and is a great place to enjoy a great view of Nigeria’s history and the beautiful aesthetics that the country beholds. It is good to note that the museum has an awesome collection of Nigerian art that is quite notable in the county and this includes pieces of statues, carvings and also archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. Home to terracotta, Benin brass, nok culture and also Murtala Muhammad’s bullet ridden Benz and many other artefacts, the museum is a great stop to get educated about the history and the people of the country. Your tour here shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half
Your next stop will be at the Freedom park. The park was formerly a prison known as Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prison. Serving currently as a National Memorial, a Cultural site, a Historical landmark, Arts and Recreation centre, the park is a great way for everyone going and old. Freedom park is currently a serene abode for individuals, collective visitors, families and interaction is open to the public every day. While at the park, you could see a play, take beautiful pictures, see the open prison where top individuals in Nigeria were held captive or just enjoy the atmosphere that makes for a good picnic spot.

At 1pm, you take a journey to Victoria Island at red door gallery. The gallery was built to show the unique and interesting art works of Africa. It is popular as a place for a diverse and unique art experience. To have the best of fun at the gallery, you should have an open mind. The gallery has a vast collection for tourists to enjoy from and a wide range of exhibitions are usually held here occasionally. At red door, they provide a platform for artists to express their creativity without the hindrance of social boundaries. You can enjoy the arts that abide the gallery, take pictures and learn new things from the culture of Nigeria and Africa at large. The surrounding of the gallery is tastefully built with an African ambience.
Going deeper into the island, your tour now takes you down to the Nike art in Lekki at 2:30pm. Nike Art Gallery is a leading art gallery in Nigeria. Famed to be on the top list of top places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria, this storey building gallery comprises of an art gallery and textile museum featuring many thousands of cultural pieces. From the inner courtyard of the gallery you’ll find stone sculptures, tie-dye workshop and hanging craftworks, to a wide variety of beautiful art displayed inside the magnificent structure, you can be rest assured that your love for Nigerian art will be elevated. With arts and crafts dating back many centuries ago, Nike’s art gallery is one of the best preservation venues for Nigeria’s ancient traditional values and symbols and you will enjoy visiting the gallery. If checking out the artifacts on display is getting boring, one can decide to have a cup of coffee as the building is also home to a coffee shop.

Terra kulture which is located in Victoria Island, Lagos is the next destination. At the terra kulture, you can have a look at art from Africa and abroad as it is home to contemporary visual and theatre. TK as it is usually called stands as one of the few art auction houses in Nigeria, with a collection of over a thousand art pieces from all over the country. This means that if you’re lucky, you can meet an auction where interested buyers can purchase beautiful art works. You could also buy one yourself if you’re interested. The Terra Kulture building is home to a library, a restaurant, a craft shop, a language school and theatre and its main feature; the art gallery. Again, you can catch a book reading at the terra kulture as it has hosted readings by popular Nigerian authors such as Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie, Sefi Atta and others. You are sure to have a great evening here as it is a replication of art and

Muri Okunola park is another Lagos park that holds unimaginable colorful beauty. The park looks like something out of a magazine as it can be tagged world class. Located on the mainland, Muri Okunola Park is a bright location with a mix of beautiful colors to lighten you up when visit. It is an ideal location to choose for a quiet getaway with your loved ones. It is also great place to visit to escape from the hustle and bustle of the Lagos terrain. You can take nice pictures with friends and family, have a great meal at the available restaurant at the park. There are also nice species of birds that will sing beautiful songs to your ear when you visit. At the park, events like festivals, wedding ceremonies and music video shoots take place to make for an even more interesting time at the park. It is a dream destination for photographers who need a great background for their photos. This is a popular place where wedding photo shoots hold.

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09:00AM-10:00AM National Theatre
10:30am-11:30am National Museum
11:45am-12:30pm Freedom Park
13:00pm-14:00pm Red Door Gallery
14:30pm-15:30pm Nike Art Gallery
16:00pm-18:00pm Terra Kulture
18:30pm-20:00pm Muri Okunola Park


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  • • Artifacts
  • • Educative
  • • Research
  • • National archives

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